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The NPPN Executive serves the National Pastoral Planners Network whose purpose is to promote and strengthen a culture of planning for mission and evangelisation within the Catholic Church in Oceania. We engage pastoral research and best practices in church growth to offer experience, knowledge, resources and processes that enable dioceses and parishes to advance the mission of Jesus Christ under the guidance of the Spirit.

The Auckland Diocese launches its Diocesan Pastoral Plan

2. Bishop Patrick Dunn - NZCatholic permission

Bishop Patrick Dunn

The Auckland Diocese launched its Diocesan Pastoral Plan for the next five years, Fit for Mission (Takatu Ki Te Mau I Te Rongo Pai) on Pentecost Sunday 2014. The plan is very simple. It asks every Catholic in the diocese to take seriously their call to act as disciples of Christ with strong commitment and courage.

Bishop Patrick Dunn echoed Pope Francis’ call to look again at sharing our life and faith in today’s world. We are called to go to the edges, to the people who have forgotten or never heard the message of Jesus. The ordained and lay leaders of each parish had met during May in regional meetings with the Bishop, who briefed them on the details of the plan and called on them to discern how to introduce the pastoral plan into their parishes, schools and communities. 20,000 copies of the plan were distributed on or following Pentecost Sunday in nine different languages, with parishes employing various strategies to introduce it to their people. The plan was backed up with resources that were handed out in parish packs and that are available on the diocesan website. The pastoral planning document, ideas for actions and supportive resources are updated weekly at

The call to mission is first to individuals who are invited to make their lives intentionally missionary, then to parishes to discern and initiate a project that reaches out into the wider community in service. Following this, parishes are asked to form pastoral areas with their local parishes, schools and ethnic communities and to arrive at a project on which they can all work together. Like ripples in a pond, getting ‘fit for mission’ begins with the individual and spreads outwards. Parishes are asked to move from an ad intra focus to an ad extra mission in their best thinking and planning.

The four main points of the pastoral plan are:

  •  “Go forth the Mass is ended” (an emphasis on reaching out to the wider community)
  • “Pastoral areas for mission” (a focus on working together in collaboration)
  • “Leadership for mission” (encouraging co-responsibility and collaboration between clergy and laity)
  • “Communication for mission” (assessing the best strategies to proclaim the Good News)

– Pat Lythe, Diocese of Auckland
Leader, Pastoral Team

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