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The NPPN Executive serves the National Pastoral Planners Network whose purpose is to promote and strengthen a culture of planning for mission and evangelisation within the Catholic Church in Oceania. We engage pastoral research and best practices in church growth to offer experience, knowledge, resources and processes that enable dioceses and parishes to advance the mission of Jesus Christ under the guidance of the Spirit.

‘Encountering Christ, Sharing our Joy’ in the Diocese of Cairns


Under the leadership of the Diocesan Synod, the Catholic Diocese of Cairns has developed a Diocesan Pastoral Plan (DPP) for 2016–2019, to provide direction for our Diocesan vision and mission.


The plan draws its vision from Pope Francis’ encyclical, ‘The Joy of the Gospel’ and is entitled, Encountering Christ, Sharing our Joy. The main purpose of the new plan is to help motivate and direct parish and diocesan pastoral planning.


The five key pastoral priorities that provide the framework for the DPP were identified through a seven-year process of consultation in the Synod. These priorities are:


  • Formation of all the Baptised
  • Building our Sense of Community
  • The Call to Youth
  • Outreach and Evangelisation
  • Enhancing the Role of Diocesan Agencies


The Diocesan Pastoral Plan details goals and strategies for each of these pastoral priorities, which will lead this vision to action. On Sunday 15th of May 2016, Bishop James Foley officially launched the pastoral plan and commended it to the faithful of the Cairns Diocese for reflection and implementation. The plan has been distributed to all parishes, agencies and schools.


Pastoral planning workshops are planned from July to August 2016. These sessions will gather parish pastoral councils together in a deanery forum. Within these two hour workshops, presenters will offer examples of the use of the Diocesan Pastoral Plan for assisting Parish Pastoral Councils in developing their own parish pastoral plan.


Importantly, these workshops will also open with prayer and reflection on the Joy of the Gospel thus linking the practical aspects to the pastoral core of the Pope’s Encyclical. As Pope Francis would say to us all, “Before all else, the Gospel invites us to respond to the God of love who saves us, to see God in others and to go forth from ourselves to seek the good of others” (EG 39)
Terry Power and Cathy Spencer (Synod Permanent Committee, Diocese of Cairns)

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