National Pastoral Planners Network

The NPPN Executive serves the National Pastoral Planners Network whose purpose is to promote and strengthen a culture of planning for mission and evangelisation within the Catholic Church in Oceania. We engage pastoral research and best practices in church growth to offer experience, knowledge, resources and processes that enable dioceses and parishes to advance the mission of Jesus Christ under the guidance of the Spirit.

Planning Resources

There are a range of resources both online and in hardcopy that can help individuals and communities plan for their mission and ministry. Below are some of the resources that are available both locally and abroad. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our NPPN Executive.


(Australia and New Zealand)

Diocese of Broken Bay, Parish Support Unit, pastoral planning page:

Diocese of Christchurch, NZ, pastoral planning page:

Diocese of Dunedin, NZ, diocesan website:

Diocese of Parramatta, Pastoral Planning Office, Faith in Our Future website,

Diocese of Rockhampton, pastoral services page:

Archdiocese of Sydney, pastoral planning page:

Diocese of Wollongong, pastoral planning website:

National Church Life Survey Research (NCLS), Strathfield, NSW:

Parish Pastoral Councils in Australia website (ACBC):

Pastoral Research Office, Melbourne, VIC:

Diocese of Auckland, NZ, Pastoral and Evangelisation Office page:


The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Strategic Plan:

Diocese of Brooklyn, New York, Office of Pastoral Planning:

Archdiocese of Boston, MA, Disciples in Mission website:

Archdiocese of Baltimore, MD, Pastoral Planning process of 2011:

Emerging Models of Pastoral Leadership project website:

Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Office for Research and Planning website:

Rebuilt publication website (Church of the Nativity, Baltimore, MD):

Amazing Parish movement website (U.S.):

Articles and Reflections

Ang, Daniel, ‘Faith in Our Future: Pastoral Planning in the Diocese of Parramatta’, Australasian Catholic Record 91/2 (2014): 131-145.

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Guazzelli, Bp. Victor, ‘East London Pastoral Planning’, New Blackfriars 69/813 (Feb. 1988): 84-93.

Hubbard, Bp. Howard, ‘A Vision for Parish Planning and Restructuring’, Origins 25/42 (April 1996): 726-736.

Kelly, Liam, ‘Pastoral Planning: The Kilmore Experience’, The Furrow 53/9 (Sept. 2002): 484-9.

Kinast, Robert, ‘Pastoral Planning and Family Life: A Challenge for Theology’, The Jurist 52 (1982): 449-465.

Lewinski, Ronald, ‘Rekindling the Spirit of Mission in Parishes’, Origins 41/4 (Jun. 2011): 49-56.

Quinn, Bp. John, ‘Pastoral Planning for the New Millennium’, Origins 22/37 (Feb. 1993): 624-628.

Regan, David, ‘Pastoral Planning: Reflections on Dublin Initiatives’, Doctrine and Life 36/8 (Oct. 1986): 420-429.

Renken, John, ‘Pastoral Councils: Pastoral Planning and Dialogue Among the People of God’, The Jurist 53 (1993): 132-154.

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